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The Tan Project


The original Tan boar - Copperbottom - many thanks to Jim Hupp for allowing Copperbottom to emigrate to Canada.

Copperbottom with his sons.

Senior Sow Tan - great undercolour - wish she had better markings esp on the face - she is also a bit chopped on the back end but has shoulders and crown to die for.  She is a Copperbottom granddaughter from a black boar bred to a tan sow.

Intermediate Tan Boar - narrow on type but I like his markings - he too has quite nice undercolour.  He is a double Copperbottom grandson from a tan boar bred to a marten sow.

Junior Tan Sow - full sister to the senior tan - nice, typey animal with better face markings than her sister - almost identical in type to the senior sow. 

The F1 Silkie Litter - Copperbottom bred to a Himalayan Silkie.

F2 - an Otter Silkie sow - very promising coat for an F2.  Her father is an outstanding black Silkie, Dudley from Tracy Corbeil.

Marten Sow - Marlowe - in show condition - now living in Indiana.

Two baby sows from Marlowe bred to a silver marten boar.